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Team Performance

Blaze with the fire that is never extinguished.
Luisa Sigea

Beyond the combined talents and capabilities of the individuals within a group or team, there are some sought-after ingredients that are needed if their collective potential is to translate into competitive advantage. These important aspects include things like clarity on goals, defined roles, agreed processes, productive relationships and effective communication. Incendo can help with all of these areas and more.

We transform teams who’ve undertaken team development in the past but who’ve never committed to any real change that has been sustainable when they’re back at their desks.  We work with L&D Managers who’ve witnessed team development workshops where poor team behaviours have been tacitly confirmed as OK by facilitators who are unwilling or unable to provide sufficient challenge.

A frequent lament you may hear from people who have undertaken ‘team building away-days’ in the past is: “we had a bit of fun on the day but when we returned to work nothing had really changed”. Incendo is on a mission to change this by designing tailor-made experiential team development that provides results that are transferable, sustainable and biased towards business performance.

“At times during my career I have been fortunate to work in teams that were characterised by loyalty, commitment and motivation; just occasionally I have also experienced what it’s like to be part of a team where ideas and efforts are stymied by politics, negative emotions, unproductive conflict and wasted energy. Understanding and working with the dynamics of team development is vital for your team to fulfil its potential, perform well and achieve the expected results for the organisation and its customers.”

Justin Standfield

We usually create bespoke team workshops for clients based on their requirements.  Some of our programmes for teams are included in our downloadable Incendo Directory of Core Learning Programmes and typical team development events we’ve delivered recently include:

  • Navigating change and transition
  • Creating vision and strategy
  • Building and maintaining levels of trust
  • Clarifying, agreeing and embedding values
  • Understanding conflict
  • Working with team mergers and restructures
  • Increasing inter-group effectiveness
  • Facilitating project team kick-off events

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Team Development