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Take risks. Ask big questions. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; if you don’t make mistakes, you’re not reaching far enough.
David Packard

What does the word “incendo” actually mean?

It’s Latin for “I set fire to” or “I set alight”.  As you might have seen from some of our posts on social media, we love using all things fire-related as a metaphor for the process of personal development, learning and growth (plus, Incendo’s founder, Justin, has a GCSE in Latin and it seemed a shame to let it go to waste).

What is your strapline “igniting minds, fuelling performance” all about?

Our approach to developing people is to first stir up as much motivation and “so what?” as possible, and to treat people as adult professionals whilst encouraging a growth mindset. We believe in doing this before (as well as during) our development interventions, which is the “igniting minds” part.  Everything Incendo does for client organisations has to make a positive difference in terms of improving their service, increasing employee engagement or boosting delivery – as well as growing their talent.  This is the “fuelling performance” bit.  Our strapline is fundamental to how Incendo operates and we’ve trademarked the phrase “igniting minds, fuelling performance” together with our Incendo fireball logo.

Do you sell fireplaces?

No, we don’t sell fireplaces (but if you’re thinking of buying one, apparently you need to consider things like heat output, fuel type and installation costs).

You have some great course titles in your Directory of Core Learning Programmes – are these “off-the-shelf” programmes?

We don’t believe that a completely off-the-shelf approach is the most effective way to engage people and enable them to learn.  Your return on investment is always greater when development is specifically aligned to your organisation – your culture is unique, your people are unique and your challenges are unique.  Therefore, we tailor the materials in our courses and workshops for each client to take account of their uniqueness.  You can also trust that our facilitators will challenge people’s thinking sufficiently, rather than sticking within the ‘safe’ boundaries of a pre-determined script.

 Your website doesn’t show any fees.  Why is that?

Like most professional services companies, our fee structure is variable.  Incendo’s fees are dependent on the deliverables and amount of work performed, so stating a fixed price on our website isn’t as straightforward as it might be for a product-driven company.  We know from client feedback that our fees are well-defined and easy to understand, and there are never any surprises or hidden extras.

Are there any job vacancies with Incendo?

Due to the varying size of our projects, we are always interested in talented people joining the Incendo team on an associate basis.  To truly practice our ethos of “igniting minds, fuelling performance” we depend on Incendo having people that encourage innovation, promote a growth mindset and demonstrate commitment to lasting change in their work with clients.  If you are interested in joining Incendo as an associate, please send your profile using the details on our Contact page.

Do you have some standard terms and conditions?

Yes, you can read our Terms and Conditions of Business here.

What if I don’t see my question in this list of FAQs?

That probably means that you have an Infrequently Asked Question instead – we love those.  Please send us your question via the Contact page and we’ll get back to you.

When is the best time to talk to Incendo about working with our company?

Right now.

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