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Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames.
Jalal ad-Din Rumi

“Incendo has a great way of developing people and enabling the subject to be understood, and then put into practical application. The facilitator was second to none – he had relevant corporate experience and incredible knowledge to share, but he never let this hinder our team finding the answers we needed organically for ourselves.”
Department Head, National Air Traffic Services (NATS)

“I would highly recommend Incendo to any organisation that wants to invest in their employees’ skills as future leaders.  The leadership courses were interactive, informative and relevant to our business challenges – it was apparent that the content had been designed specifically to meet our company’s unique situation and requirements.”
Head of Operations, EMaC

“The workshop on Presentation Skills was timely and hugely helpful to students needing to present during their current and future courses; the workshops on Mindfulness and Creative Thinking were culturally sensitive, fun and thought-provoking.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and a number of our international students have asked to attend more workshops with Incendo.”
Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Portsmouth

“The mindfulness sessions with Incendo have had great feedback; by word of mouth, more and more people are asking to attend and our other sites in the UK are also requesting it.  The way I see it, taking part in this programme contributes to prevention rather than cure – people who feel they may be on the verge of becoming burnt out are using the mindfulness sessions to tip back into a more balanced, in-control mindset.”
Head of People Development, Innovation Group

“I decided to try coaching because I had recently been promoted and I saw it as an opportunity to add an extra dimension of ‘focus’ to my career development.  As well as some more tangible benefits to do with planning and organising myself, my confidence has increased immensely as a result of coaching with Justin.  Best of all, I remained in control and wasn’t told what to do – his balance of challenge and support was just right for me.  So many people have commented on the ‘new me’, it’s great.”
Lead Healthcare Scientist, NHS

“It’s always great to learn something new, but it’s refreshing to be taught by someone who embodies their subject matter with such humour and authenticity.  That was my experience of completing Justin’s programme, ‘Developing Mindfulness At Work’.  The techniques were made very relevant to a corporate environment and he took the time to make sure all of us in the group were able to support our own development in between the workshop sessions. I’m happy to recommend Justin and the work he does at his company, Incendo.”
Compliance Manager, participating in ‘Developing Mindfulness At Work’ programme

“The training programme was delivered in a fun and challenging way that made the sessions both enjoyable and informative.  Since taking part in this training I’ve had the opportunity to put the things I learnt into practice and I found them to be of benefit immediately.”
Development Manager, EMaC