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Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.
Richard Branson

If you have responsibility for developing others within your role, then you’re familiar with some of the challenges of making the most of your training budget whilst expanding the range of skills within key staff groups in your organisation.  The chances are that you want to:

  • Exploit opportunities to increase workforce capability and motivation levels
  • Gain demonstrable improvements to performance and commitment
  • Ensure your people are developed by credible, competent facilitators who use materials that speak your organisation’s language
  • Create the core conditions for effective learning, in the training room and beyond
  • Explore new ways of engaging a diverse workforce in learning and development activities

Given these challenges, it can be tempting to opt for off-the-shelf training courses as they often appear to be an immediate, convenient solution.  But here’s the thing – a completely off-the-shelf approach isn’t the most effective way to engage your people, enable them to learn and deliver lasting change for your business area.  Your return on investment is always greater when development is specifically aligned to your organisation – your culture is unique, your people are unique and your challenges are unique.  Therefore, Incendo tailors the material in our courses and workshops for each client to take account of their uniqueness.



The range of Incendo development programmes that can be personalised to your organisation are shown in our downloadable Incendo Directory of Core Learning Programmes. If you have a specific requirement in mind, please contact us to have a no-obligation conversation about what you’re looking for – we’d love to hear from you.


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Programme Directory