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Leadership Development

Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.
John Wesley

Developing leadership capability is at the heart of a great deal of Incendo’s work, whether it be a short masterclass, a modular development programme or a specific skills workshop. You may not have the word ‘leader’ in your job title, but if you are required to communicate a compelling vision of the future, connect other people to that vision and then engage them to deliver against it – then you are a leader.

We are skilled at developing professionals who’ve been promoted by virtue of their technical expertise, so that they can become proficient in leading with greater emotional intelligence.  We work with L&D Managers who’ve witnessed managers with development needs returning from leadership training courses with no more self-awareness, no new skills and unchanged behaviours.  Instead, Incendo programmes deliver lasting change within the leadership population that transfers into business results the exec team cares about.

Whether it’s developing new leaders from scratch, helping ‘old hands’ to develop more agility and modernity in their approach, or taking senior managers with executive potential to the next stage and beyond, we can develop learning interventions that are in harmony with the needs of your company’s culture and the specific challenges your leaders face.  Essentially, our approach is about giving leaders the tools and methods to enable them to take immediate action to get better results, not just teaching them interesting theories!

Download our Incendo Directory of Core Learning Programmes, which includes our programmes designed for leaders.

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