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Diagnostic Tools

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Incendo uses a range of diagnostic tools within our development programmes to measure aptitude, personality and motivation.

  • Aptitude tests measure how people differ in their ability to perform or carry out different tasks.
  • Personality instruments explore how people differ in their style or manner of doing things, and in the way they interact with their environment and other people.
  • Motivation assessments examine how people vary in their motivation, in the direction and strength of their interests, and in their values and opinions.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Step 1
MBTI Step 1 is a powerful, versatile personality type assessment that provides the foundations for a deep understanding of personal motivations and group interactions. It can be applied to multiple personal and business issues, and revisited over time as new challenges arise. By providing multiple quality-assured insights with a single questionnaire, the MBTI assessment’s scalability and relevance to all organisational levels delivers a high return on investment.

Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
The TKI instrument is the world’s best-selling tool for helping people understand how different conflict-handling styles affect interpersonal and group dynamics, and for empowering them to choose the appropriate style for any situation. The TKI tool assesses an individual’s typical behaviour in conflict situations and describes it along two dimensions: assertiveness and cooperativeness. It provides detailed information about how that individual can effectively use five different conflict-handling modes, or styles.

Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)
The SDI is a powerful and effective tool for understanding and influencing the motives that drive behaviours. The SDI provides people with a deeper understanding of themselves and others, which allows them to lead with clarity and empathy, build stronger teams, and more effectively navigate conflict.

Fundamental Interpersonal Relationships Orientation (FIRO) Element B
FIRO helps people to understand how they interpret the world through the medium of their own needs and experiences. By increasing self-awareness it leads to emotions become less disruptive and relationships being more understandable and productive. It looks at the degree to which a person wants to include, control, and be close to others, and how much other people are perceived to include, control, or be close to that person.

Motivational Maps
The Motivational Maps tool delivers an accurate self perception inventory and has been highly effective in a range of organisations around the world. Motivational Maps is easy to apply and produces a personalised report for individuals and teams which explains their motivational profile and actionable steps they can take.

Saville Consulting’s Wave is a powerful personality questionnaire for predicting performance, potential and cultural fit. It can be used to identify talents, motives and preferred culture through completion of a single questionnaire; the results can be presented in a number of specific reports for a range of applications including recruitment, personal development, coaching, leadership assessment/development and team development.

Aptitude and Ability Tests
Incendo uses Saville Consulting’s suite of aptitude assessments as they represent a comprehensive portfolio of tests that can be used for a range of roles. They clearly measure a variety of abilities depending upon the role requirements. The portfolio includes measures of verbal, numerical, diagrammatic, abstract, error checking, spatial and mechanical aptitudes that predict the ability to work with words, numbers, systems, logic, details, designs and equipment.

Lencioni Five Dysfunctions Team Assessment
The Five Dysfunctions team assessment provides a tangible measurement tool based on the model described in Patrick Lencioni’s best-selling business book ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’. When incorporated into a tailor-made team development programme, the results from this assessment enable participants to learn how their team is doing in the five key behaviours: building trust, handling conflict, achieving commitment, embracing accountability and focussing on results.

Tailored Diagnostics
Incendo also has the expertise to design bespoke questionnaires and tools for your organisation, such as team climate indicators, communication style assessments, facilitation style diagnostics and 360 appraisals. Contact us today to have a no-obligation chat about your specific needs in this area.

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