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Welcome to your pre-course activities web page for the

Lifetime Legal ‘Management Essentials’ programme

The Management Essentials (ME) training programme is targeted at developing your core leadership and managerial skills. The primary objective of ME is for you to develop a solid foundation of essential supervisory skills and be able to implement Lifetime Legal’s core processes in ways that engage others and drive business results.

Your pre-course work is important and requires your immediate attention!

There are 3 things for you to do…

(1) 360 Degree Feedback Review

The main – and most urgent – part of the pre-work for the first module is for you to undertake a 360 Degree Feedback Review regarding your leadership skills – this means that you need to select some people to fill in an online questionnaire about you.  To get the best from this exercise, please DO NOT just pick your best mates!  It’s important to have a spread of opinions about you, so we recommend that you choose the following people:

  • Your line manager
  • All of your direct reports (if you have them)
  • Up to six of your peers (choose any colleagues who are at the same level as you in the company)
  • Up to six ‘others’ (these might be other stakeholders in the company who don’t fall into one of the above categories)
  • Yourself! (you also complete the questionnaire, so that we have a self-assessment)

Actions you need to take now:

  1. Please speak to those people who you’ll be asking to complete the 360 Degree Feedback Review for you, to ask them for their help in supporting your development – let them know that Incendo needs to have their feedback by 12th July at the latest.
  2. Then copy and paste this link into an email, which will take them to the online 360 tool which they complete anonymously.
  3. Remember to fill it in yourself, it’s important that we have your self-assessment data by 12th July as well.


(2) Pre-course Manager Meeting

A pre-course Manager Meeting is recommended as part of the pre-work for this programme.  This meeting between the you and your line manager could easily take place as part of your regular schedule of 1:1s; it’s important because your line manager is integral to your development.  We recommend that your line manager:

  • understands the overall aims of the ME programme
  • discusses and agrees personal objectives with you
  • actively supports you after you’ve attended workshops, in order to apply what you’ve learned
  • offers further feedback as and when required
  • recognises/praises you for the results you achieve

Action you need to take now:

  1. Please book some time with your line manager as soon as possible to discuss your personal objectives for the ME programme.
  2. Make some notes at the meeting with regard to your personal objectives and bring them with you to the first session of the ME programme.


(3) ‘Becoming The Boss’ HBR Article

Please read the Harvard Business Review article ‘Becoming The Boss’ we’ve sent you with your welcome email.  It would be helpful for you to give some thought to parts of the article that you can personally identify with.

Action you need to take now:

  1. Set aside some time in your diary to read the article and reflect on it.


If you have any questions about the pre-course activities described here, please contact your facilitator, Justin Standfield, on 01489 287267 or at